We’ll work seamlessly with you to best represent your non-profit clients, expertly acquiring the most valuable donors while your team creates the strategy to retain them. Think of us as an extension of your agency, providing you with unparalleled bench-strength while working in tandem to achieve the client’s overall goals. We’ll provide an additional level of analytical know-how and will successfully grow and expand list rental revenue and exchange opportunities. Together we’ll be a potent partner for the organizations you represent.

Top 10 Reasons to Work with Belardi/Ostroy Fundraising:

  1. We create strong, synergistic working relationships
  2. We represent best-in-class non-profit organizations
  3. We’re experts in managing annual/scenario mail-planning and budget analysis
  4. We‘ll provide you and your clients with a senior–level team
  5. We offer detailed custom reporting and analysis
  6. We take a quick, proactive response to industry changes
  7. We’ll decrease acquisition costs while building/leveraging new exchange opportunities
  8. We have unmatched co-op database and modeling expertise
  9. We’ll leverage our extensive consumer/commercial experience to expand acquisition universes
  10. We’ll carefully evolve your clients’ list rental revenue initiatives into more valuable off-setting programs, and well within their guidelines

Are you ready for a game-changing relationship?!